What services do your company offer?

At Visual Art Painting & Decorating, we serve to both residential and commercial clients. You can expect professional interior and exterior painting of the residential, commercial and industrial buildings, homes, apartments, homes, etc. Call upon us for all painting and decorating needs for the newly constructed buildings and repaints, renovations, restoration work, etc of existing constructions.

Through interior painting we will paint the walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, doors, etc. And for the exterior part, we will paint the walls, window and door frames, eves, fencing, etc as per the requirements.

Besides professional painting services, we also offer specialized decorating work. So, call us for all the requirements like wallpapering, special wall finishes, and creating hand painted designs. Our expert team may also help you in deciding the best colour and design ideas.


What are the specifications of a special paint finish?

The term special paint finish refers to a feature wall or particular region where the painting is applied to get a design effect. It can be used to add a texture and colour through an assorted interior or urban design requirements. It complements the interior decor ideas better.


What is you experience in both residential and commercial painting works in Sydney?

We are active in this domain for last 17 years and satisfied many residents and businesses. We are specialised and experienced to handle all kinds of residential and commercial painting projects. You can trust on us to get the best finishing according to the specifications provided.


What will be the cost?

Every project has its own set of requirements, so the cost will vary. For calculating the price of the painting and decorating jobs, the size, type and time limits are considered. Ask for a quote using our website or by calling on our phone numbers. We can also schedule a visit to your home, office or the location where painting will be done. You can share all your requirements, desired quality and personal preferences. We quote a competitive amount for the project which will be affordable and best for you.


Do you help in choosing the right colour?

Yes, we at Visual Art Painting & Decorating Company offer colour samples and colour consulting services to our customers. No doubt like many of our existing clients, you are facing difficulties in choosing the best colour option for the interior and exterior. Our experienced and approachable designer will help you in deciding on the best colour shade matching your place and preferences. You can also consider getting the renderings of the chosen colours of the painting or interior design.


How much time do you need?

It completely depends upon your given specifications for the work. We can let you know an estimated time for completing the project. We have to consider the level or complexity of the project and the area to be painted.


Do you maintain the office or house clean during your work?

Of course, we ensure minimum disruption to your daily life. While working, we used to keep the surroundings neat and clean. To safeguard your assets, we cover the surface of everything in the room properly. We also value your privacy so you can trust on our work policy.


Can I do it myself?

Do It Yourself or DIY is being more common in our city but it is not ideal for all kinds of projects. There are many hurdles and risks associated. You have to learn the basics of painting and decorating works along with buy or arrange the required tools before starting the project. If you are busy or want the work completed on-time, prefer to hire a professional. Our trained and experienced workforce will give you the best quality results which are not possible with DIY.